My inspiration and passion to weave began at fifteen watching the women of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico.  I was mesmerized by the shuttles of the loom passing back and forth and totally absorbed by the colors and the rhythm.  I went on to study weaving with Trude Guermonprez at the California College of Arts and Crafts.

I am fascinated with pattern and repetition. When I work, I walk a labyrinth - moving in a quiet, organized manner. My mind meanders through the textures and patterns: problem solving, exploring and responding. Each piece is made from papers torn into strips, hand woven and embellished with beads and threads. Each bead is hand stitched to decorative papers, often soft grays, beiges and browns, with accents of metallic papers to play with the light. From a distance the work appears as an elegant pattern. Up close it is more complex in design— to me, it is a thoughtful indulgence.

My paper bowls come from a more personal origin. I started creating "memory bowls" years ago to celebrate special life-events and achievements. The shape of the bowls is nurturing and universal and I love the intimacy of the family photos and letters that are often included in these pieces. I found people responded and have since created many "memory bowls" on a commission basis. It is a delight to see people's faces light up when they hold the bowls, turning them and remembering.

 In 2011 I looked about my studio  and found myself surrounded by hundreds of strips of paper left over from my paper weavings.  I had an "a-ha" moment , was inspired and have since been creating a series of sculpted bowls I refer to as "spirit bowls". They are inspired by my world-wide travels, nature, and simply observing the small details, such as the interior of a flower or the pattern of an animal.  Unlike the mindset behind my weavings, the creation of my "spirit bowls" is more immediate, playful and intuitive. Each piece takes on a life of it's own that I respond to as I work.

In all my art, there is a singular joy in creating something from nothing - it is a passion, a meditation, a freedom, a memory, a journey.

—Noble Golden